I’m Thankful For…Rusty

As I was blanketing my horses last night, I reflected on how grateful I am for my four-legged companions. I slipped Hot Rod and Kona's blankets over their heads and a chilly breeze blew through my hair. I turned and looked at the next pasture where my old man and constant friend, Rusty, stood looking at me. Waiting for his warm blanket and his dinner, he patiently stood with his head held high. If there is one thing I am thankful for this year, it is Rusty.

Rusty had a rough beginning. We know little about his history or breeding, but I do know his life before me wasn't pleasant. He wasn't always able to count on breakfast and dinner being brought to him. He didn't have a shelter or warm blanket on the snowy days. When he was ridden, he was ridden hard and long with little care afterwards. Those things I know for sure, because we met each other at his lowest point.

Rusty fell into my lap after several unfortunate events involving a tenant of my father's. In an effort to recoup his money, he bargained to keep the horse and planned to take him to the sale barn. That plan changed when I drove out to meet this horse my dad had told me about. He was emaciated, and he was suffering from a horrible abscess in his hoof due to a lack of proper hoof care. I knew nothing about horses, but I knew Rusty needed help and the look in his eyes touched my heart in a way I couldn't ignore.

So I dove in, and everything changed for me. My college plan, my life plan, my friends, and the way I spent my time were turned upside down. I was beginning to say words like, "sheath," "farrier," and "parasite" over the dinner table. My parents' eyes widened, but they never questioned my new-found passion. I read everything I could find on horse care, I studied it at school, and in my spare time I drew up plans for boarding facilities. I felt at home with my new horse and my new outlook on life.
Many years later, I'm still thankful for that old sorrel gelding. He was a wise, patient teacher. He marks the beginning of all things horsey in my life and I am forever grateful.


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About Allie
About Allie

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