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I never ride at home without my music. Ever. Music gets me pumped up, y’all! It helps me keep track of the time I’ve spent in the saddle, gives me a rhythm to trot and lope to, and keeps me motivated. I may or may not dance from the waist up when no one’s looking. I personally need an upbeat playlist for my rides. My horse is naturally slow and lazy, so it helps to have some energetic music in the background. Sometimes I take the headphones out and play it so he can hear it too. Silly, you say? Well, I don’t. Don’t knock until you try it. Here is my current riding playlist and how I use it to time my workout with my horses. It gets my blood pumpin’! You can change the exercises to fit your needs! This is meant for about a 30 minute ride.

Warm up at a walk. Include turns and circles to encourage suppleness:

Swedish House Mafia “Save the World” 3:36

Long trot while actively asking my horse to give his face to the bridle and collect:

The Weeknd “I Cant Feel My Face” 3 :38

Major Lazer & DJ Snake “Lean On” 2:58

Lope big circles with collection:

Lilly Wood and The Prick ” Prayer in C” 3:09

Swedish House Mafia “Don’t You Worry Child” 5:34

Calvin Harris “Blame” 4:15

Work on new maneuvers or patterns:

One republic “Counting Stars” 4:43

Katy Perry Ft. Juicy J “Dark Horse” 3:45

Cool down at the walk






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About Allie

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